How will the pension changes affect you?

The government wants us to work until 68. For most of us, working that long is simply unhealthy and unsafe.

68 is too late are a campaign group fighting hard to show this government that the changes to our pensions are dangerous and irresponsible – but they need your help.

Do you feel safe working until your late sixties? Do you believe you will be able to meet the job requirements at that age? Will your family life be affected by your late retirement?

You can make a real difference in this fight. Help show the government how damaging these changes will be by telling your story:

Click here to share your experience how the pension changes will affect you and your family.


We are currently updating our Resources page and adding leaflets relevant to current issues which can be handed out at our stalls etc. If you have any ideas for future leaflets, please let us know via email using the Contact Us page.

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