Lobby Against South West NHS Pay Cartel

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Please support a lobby of Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust against the South West NHS Pay Cartel on Thursday 6th September at 3.30pm during their AGM.

NHS Trusts across the South West have joined together and contributed an opening ante of £10,000 for a ‘war chest’ to attack national bargaining and introduce regional pay. The once ‘secret’ proposals make it clear that each Trust wants to reduce their pay bill from 68% to 60% which has the net effect of reducing individual earnings by up to 15%.

It is no coincidence that this is happening in the South West as general union membership density is low with many unorganised workplaces. If we allow this to happen in the South West it will happen everywhere else! We are posing great resistance towards the Cartel and it’s proposals which threaten to undermine the current national negotiations and we are looking to extend our campaign.

Please feel free to circulate this event to any other relevant groups who could lend their support to prevent the dismantling of the NHS and collective bargaining.

Sign this petition to say NO WAY to Postcode Pay!

Swanage Hospital Closure Protest

Over 1000 turned out to attend a public meeting over the closure of Swanage Hospital on July 20th at the Mowlem Theatre in Swanage. Over 450 were denied access to the meeting due to H&S concerns. Campaigners protested downstairs and on the beach until the representative of Dorset NHS was provided with a police escort to enable him to address the crowds.
Source: Purbeck Gazette

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Are all the NHS cuts, outsourcing (privatisation), closures and mergers what David Cameron meant when he was speaking at a junior doctors’ rally in 2007. Make your own mind up:

UNISON demo outside Poole Hospital

Several hundred delegates from the UNISON conference being held at the BIC in Bournemouth attended a lunchtime flash demo, on June 21st, outside Poole General Hospital in protest against the South West Pay NHS Cartel.

Sixteen NHS trusts in the South West have banded together in a bid to make “radical” changes to staff pay, terms and conditions outside of the national Agenda for Change agreement. Each trust paid £10,000 to join this cartel.

The consortium of trusts is considering a suite of proposals to reduce workforce costs by 8 per cent across the region.

A leaked document drawn up by this consortium reveals that, if a deal cannot be reached, trusts may consider dismissing staff and rehiring them on the new terms in order to force through the changes.

Plans include changes to working hours, annual leave entitlements and pay. The consortium also intends to look at “attractive, performance-driven approaches” to pay and conditions.

Poole NHS trust is a “key player” in setting up the cartel as its chief executive, Chris Bown, is chair of its steering group.

Unison say the plans will “damage patient care and drive down pay”, and threatens the future of on-going national negotiations between unions and government representatives on changes to Agenda for Change.

Unison South West state: “We believe the cartel’s approach is simply a cost cutting exercise which will affect the quality of services.”

“The consequences for the region will be disastrous; skilled health workers will be driven out of the region, taking money out of the local economy, deepening the healthcare postcode lottery.”

Unison head of health Christina McAnea, said: “The setting up of this pay cartel is a crude attempt to drive down wages, which in turn will damage the quality of patient care in all 16 trusts.

“The cartel will lead to shortages of key staff who will vote with their feet and move to hospitals where the pay is better and patients will be the ones who suffer.”

She added: “Cutting wages of hospital workers will also have a knock-on effect on already depressed economies in the South West. Health workers are already suffering from a two year pay freeze and this further assault on their pay and conditions will hit morale as well as their spending power.”

“We do not want rogue employers threatening to undermine the stability of national pay bargaining and Agenda for Change. It is not too late for those 16 trusts to do the right thing by their patients and staff and drop this damaging and divisive plan.”

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Sources: UNISONHealth Sources Journal Nursing TimesRCN

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