Twenty Ten March – A Poem

A poem by Zita Holbourne for Oct20. Copyright 2012 (via Make the March). Zita is a member of PCS NEC, Co-founder of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, a poet and artist. More of her work can be viewed on Facebook ‘Zita Holbourne, Poet, Artist’

Over one million young people unemployed
Their dreams and aspirations destroyed
EMA slashed, tuition fees tripled
Attack upon attack on the disabled
68 is too late – pensions stolen
Rising cost of living whilst pay’s frozen
Libraries, youth centres, advice centres shut
Communities deprived as funding is cut
Poverty rising, inequality deepening

Stress, depression, sorrow increasing
We are the majority, we need to unite
Organise, mobilise, resist and fight
Be strong, determined, Rise Up as one
March on 20/10 and Keep on Keeping On
Neighbours, colleagues, friends and families
Trade Unions, Trades Councils and Communities
Anti cuts groups, campaigners and workers
Unemployed, students and pensioners
Adult and child, younger and older
Side by side, shoulder to shoulder
Both public and private sector
Stronger when we’re together
In Belfast, Glasgow and London
We’ll be marching, marching on

Against austerity
Against inequality
Against hypocrisy
Against poverty
On 20th October
We’ll be marching for our future

© Zita Holbourne