Time to end the older and disabled person’s poll tax: Stop charging for care services

If health care is free at the point of need then so should social care needs. It is the older and disabled person’s poll tax.

The long-term costs of failing to invest now will be far greater for the millions of people who rely on social care at present and those who will in the future. Without good quality support, many people will see their physical and mental health deteriorate.

Please support this e-petition to campaign for a free national care service that meets people’s needs equally and fairly, and is funded out of general taxation.

Service charges for social care to be abolished in England and Wales
If health care such as medicines are free at the point of need then so should social care needs. It is the disabled person’s poll tax.

E-petition link: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34411

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Photos of demo against Atos & WCA 28th Aug

As part of DPAC‘s week of action “The Atos Games” a protest was held outside the Atos Work Capability Assessment centre in Bournemouth. Click here for information about Atos, WCA and for helpful links.

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Save Remploy Factories Petition

The government has not only ignored the 100,000 plus signature petition but has announced the closure 36 of the 54 remaining Remploy sites with compulsory redundancy for 1,752 people of which 1,518 of these are disabled by 17th August this year (2012). The government statement envisages the complete closure of the remaining factories in due course. Please continue to sign the petition with messages of support for the Remploy workers. GMB is working hard to keep the factories open but need all the help you can give. With two million disabled workers already out of work why on earth do the government need to sack another 1,518. Surely they could concentrate on finding work for the 2 million.

Please sign the online petition here


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