BPACC Leaflets

Bedroom Tax – What it is and why it’s unfair
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Facts about the Govt’s Workfare Schemes
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bedroom-tax-what-it-is-a5 facts-about-govt-workfare-schemes
The Welfare State: Facts and farrago
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Local Cuts and Closures
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the-welfare-state-facts-and-farrago-a5 bpacc-cuts-leaflet a5
Avoiding tax – nothing to laugh about
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Stop Atos Work Capability Assessments
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avoiding-tax-nothing-to-laugh-about-a5 stop-atos-a5
Workfare and you
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Workfare is unfair
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workfare-and-you-a5 workfare-is-unfair-a5
68 is too late
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The Hardest Hit
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68-is-too-late-a5 the-hardest-hit-a5
Countering the Cuts Myth
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Welcome to Chain Gang Britain
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countering-the-cuts-a5 welcome to chain gang Britain a5
Women will suffer 3/4s of the cuts
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Cuts to the Police
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women will bear brunt of cuts a5 cuts to the police will lead to cuts in frontline services a5
Gold Plated Pensions – Only for the rich
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28 reasons to say NO to South West NHS Pay Cartel
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gold_plated_pensions-a5 28-reasons-to-say-no-a5

BPACC Newsletters & Forms
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BPACC Affiliation / Donation Form
BPACC Contact Sheet
BPACC Annual Report 2011

DPAC – Why the Closure of the Independent Living Fund affects Everyone in the UK

False Economy Factsheet Leaflets / Info

5 things you need to know about welfare cuts and the economy
Cuts and changes to social care and disability benefits
Campaign guide 1: A guide to the NHS’s new structures
Campaign guide 2: Protecting the NHS from privatization
5 things you need to know about the deficit
5 things you need to know about the Legal Aid Bill
5 things you need to know about the NHS Bill

Move Your Money Leaflets
Where we keep our money matters(Front) (Back)

PDF pamphlets / booklets
A UNISON guide to influencing the new NHS
Welfare – An alternative vision
Austerity is failing. We need a future that works
How did we get here – New Economics Foundation
Say No to Workfare
Countering the Cuts Myth
What you need to know about changes to Housing Benefit
There is an alternative
Fair Pensions For All
Plan B – a good economy for a good society
Democracy on Trial: what voters really think
A million voices for public services
Women and Public Spending Cuts Factsheet
Women and the Cuts Toolkit
Challenging the cuts Consensus
The economic consequences of Mr Osborne
Britain’s Broken Economy – and how to fix it
A Green New Deal
A Brighter Future for the British Economy

UK Uncut leaflets
Vodafone – tax dodgers
Tesco – targeting tax thieves
Philip Green – tax due – final demand
RBS – big society bail in
Lloyds – big society bail in

Boots – targeting tax thieves
Boots – letter to workers
Barclays – big society bail in