Previous Events 2011

6431020209_6df2bb947930th November 11 – Fair Pensions For All
Over a thousand people marched through Bournemouth in support of Public Sector workers taking industrial action over pensions Photos, vids & media coverage More info

313664_2641621842449_1312667144_2939184_397771693_n19th November 11 – Don’t Turn Back Time
A march was held through Bournemouth in support The Fawcett Society’s Women’s Equality campaign Details and Photos

22nd October 11 – The Hardest Hit
Around 40 people attended a Public Meeting to discuss the cuts to disability benefits and services and how to campaign against them. More info

314544_2353958811053_1312667144_2717209_2074492949_n7 Sep 11 – NHS Vigil
As part of a nation wide day of protest against the government proposed health reforms and as a community expression of support for the NHS a vigil was held outside Poole General Hospital on the day of the 3rd reading of the Health & Social Care Bill. Photos

31 July 11 – Information Stall
BPACC held a stalll at Poole Stadium car boot and received a good response to our local NHS petition with over 150 signatures collected

tolpuddle215/17 July 11 – Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival
BPACC members attended the festival and marched under our banner. Photos 1 2 3 4 5

hosp115 July 11 – Happy Birthday NHS
Around 15 met outside Poole Hospital to mark the 63rd Birthday of the NHS Photos

AB12 July 11 – Information Stall
Around 10 held a Recruitment and Information stall in Broadstone and met with Mid Dorset & North Poole MP, Annette Brooke (Lib Dem) to discuss their concerns about the NHS reforms and hand in the 400,000 strong 38 Degrees petition. Photo 1 2

june30strike30 June 11 – Fair Pensions
BPACC members showed support and solidarity to public sector workers taking industrial action at picket lines across the county Echo 1 2 Photo

38petition27 May 11 – 38 Degrees NHS Petition
Around 20 people went to the office of Poole MP, Robert Syms to hand in the 38 Degrees petition against the NHS Reforms (which has over 400,000 signatures from around the UK). Even though an appointment had been booked weeks before, it seems Mr Syms has a full (and chaotic) diary as he failed to attend! Echo Photo

s103383216 April 11 – Defend the NHS
Between 150/200 attended BPACC’s March & Rally through Poole High Street and onto the Quay. Great speeches were made by Steve Warwick (UNISON), Kevin Stevenson (UNITE), Helen Thomas (BPACC) and Paul Mackney (Coalition of Resistance). As many who attended commented, this was the first time they can remember anything like this in Poole and with the current policies of the coalition, it will not be the last! Echo Photos

jobcentre114 April 11 – National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts
Around 10 people demonstrated outside Poole JobCentre. Echo Photo

26 March 11 – March for the Alternative
Many BPACC members travelled up to London and joined around half a million people taking part in the TUC national event. Echo

23 March 11 – Bugdet Vigil
A candlelit vigil was held in Bournemouth Square in protest of the govt’s budget.

boscombestall119 March 11 – Information Stall
BPACC held a stalll at Sovereign Centre, Boscombe. Photo

poolecouncil1 March 11 – Poole Council Budget Demo
Around 30 attended a demo outside Poole Civic Centre prior to the Council meeting. Echo Photos 1 2

22 February 11 – Bournemouth Council Budget demo
Around 20 attended a demo outside Bournemouth Town Hall prior to the Full Council meeting to vote on the budget and several went in to listen

nforest119 February 11 – Forest Privatisation
BPACC members joined around 250 people at the New Forest United rally against the sell off of New Forest and the outsourcing of Foresters jobs. Speakers included Unite,former chair of National Park Authority, local Labour Party Chair and a County Councillor. Photo

5 Feb 11 – Information Stall
BPACC held a stall at Falkland Square, Poole.

pickles121 January 11 – Picket Pickles
On a very cold evening, around 30 of us stood outside Poole Grammar School awaiting the arrival of Eric Pickles who was attending Radio 4’s Any Questions. Much noise was made as cars arrived with many beeping their horns in support. When we were told that the studio audience had arrived and only the guests were now due, we decided to form a picket to try to make Pickles late. Several cars were delayed but it seems Pickles had arrived earlier in a car which had sped through. Nonetheless we made our presence known and that we are not prepared to stand by and watch the destruction of our society through the coalition’s savage cuts policies. Echo Photos 1 2