About us

We are a broad movement of local people – community groups, pensioners, students, unemployed and trade unionists – opposed to the government’s cuts and privatisations. They are implementing the most savage spending cuts since the 1930s, which will wreck the lives of millions by devastating our social services, housing, education, health services, pensions, benefits, public transport, local jobs and reduce the pay and pensions of those who provide what services are left.

We commit ourselves to:

  • Uniting the community to oppose the cuts and privatisation of public services which will destroy the minimum welfare safety net, the ethos of the “Social Wage” and the welfare state itself
  • Organising and co-ordinating information, meetings, community activism, demonstrations, marches, lobbying and rallies
  • Fighting rising unemployment and the casualisation of jobs across the economy in the private, voluntary and public sectors
  • Opposing all proposals to “solve” the crisis through racism, scapegoats and other forms of discrimination
  • Reminding voters the majority of us in the 2010 General Election did not vote for these cuts, the privatisation of the NHS or the dismantling of the Welfare State

The government claims the cuts are unavoidable because the Welfare State has been too generous. This is nonsense. Ordinary people are being forced to pay for the bankers and speculators mistakes.

Join us in this fight to mount pressure for the cuts programme to be abandoned. Please use the Contact Us page to join our e-mail list to be informed of campaigns / events and affiliate to BPACC. Affiliation is not compulsory to be part of or involved with BPACC, these donations are voluntary and help us to fund campaigns and events.

We are trying to build up a detailed picture of how Local Cuts and Closures are affecting local people / organizations. Please let us know if you are aware of any local services that have been closed or having their services reduced due to funding cuts. Personal details of anyone providing such information will be kept in strictest confidence. We would also like to hear about any local events and campaigns you are aware of or organizing so we can support and publicize them.

The £11bn welfare cuts, rise in VAT to 20% and 27% reductions across local government target the most vulnerable – the disabled, pensioners, single parents, those on housing benefit, ethnic communities, students, migrant workers, the unemployed and ordinary working families.

Women are expected to bear 75% of the burden. The poorest will be hit six times harder than the richest. Internal Treasury documents estimate 1.1 million job losses in public and private sectors.

The government of millionaires says “we are all in this together” and “there is no alternative to the cuts”, but every year up to £120bn in tax is avoided or evaded by business and wealthy individuals.

An alternative strategy could use these resources to; support the “social wage” and disadvantaged; build social / affordable housing, schools and hospitals; foster a green approach to public spending – investing in renewable energy and public transport, thereby creating a million new jobs.

Offering an alternative to the proposed cuts and privatisations, through improved universal public services that are available to all and properly funded through general taxation by all according to their means.