Some ideas to fight the bedroom tax

The bedroom tax can be stopped by people and communities standing together. Many local groups have mushroomed all over the UK and are raising awareness, challenging social landlords and building solidarity within communities.

1) Set up a local campaign group – talk about the Government’s Bedroom Tax with your family, friends and neighbours – you don’t need many people to organise a first local campaign meeting. you can even get a few people together in your own front room or find out if there are free meeting spaces in a local community centre or library

2) Petition for no evictions – launch a public petition to the council and / or your local housing association demanding that rent arrears caused by the Bedroom tax won’t cause evictions

3) Raise Awareness – raise how unfair the Bedroom Tax is in your local media – the letters page of your local paper will be well read. Use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. Creative protest actions are also good.

4) Build up a broad coalition of resistance – will your local churches, mosques, community organisations support your group. Contact your local anti-cuts group and Unite Community branches.

5) Lobby your local MPs and councillors – send them letters / emails, and pay them a visit at their monthly surgeries.

  • Bournemouth East – Tobias Ellwood (Conservative) Email: – 01202 397047
  • Bournemouth West – Connor Burns (Conservative) Email: – 020 7219 7021
  • Poole – Robert Syms (Conservative) Email: – 01292 718078
  • Christchurch – Christopher Chope OBE (Conservative) Email: – 01202 474949
  • Borough of Poole councillors contact details
  • Bournemouth Borough councillors contact details

6) Block evictions – by taking direct action. During the Poll Tax people stood together to physically stop bailiffs from evicting tenants. Build up a group of local residents that will become a human barrier and stop the bailiffs from evicting you or your neighbours. Set up a phone tree where people can quickly put the word out to bring out people when bailiffs arrive.

7) Do some research – build awareness of the law regarding bailiffs and monitor bailiffs to ensure they don’t use intimidating tactics.

For more information about local campaigning visit

Click here for Unite Community ‘Stop the Bedroom Tax’ resources

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