NHA Party campaigning for Eastleigh By-election

The newly founded NHA (National Health Action) Party held an event, on Sunday 17th February to support their candidate for the Eastleigh by-election that has been called for February 28th following the dismissal of ex-Govt minister Chris Huhne.

Supporters of the NHS and NHA Party met at 11 am at Eastleigh railway station and armed with white rosettes (swiftly changed from blue as during the previous week, campaigners were being mistaken for the know who party!), balloons, banners, and leaflets.

The group of over 40 campaigners handed out leaflets whilst walking from the train station to the band stand in the town centre where they listened to several speakers, including their candidate, 55 year old Dr Iain Maclennan, a retired GP, public health consultant and ex-Navy medical officer, who, if elected, promised to defend the NHS, represent his constituents and not blindly follow political party whips. Other local health professionals mentioned how previous governments have sold off our NHS and that the current govt’s cuts to the NHS budgets were already being felt within hospitals and would only get worse. It was emphasised that the NHS is not only about providing health care, its values are the corner stone of our society and people should always be put before profits.

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It was also explained that although the Health and Social Care Act has been both promoted and fought as a national issue, it is also part of the preparation for a corporate-interest US/EU Free Trade Agreement and forces EU member states to open their procurement not just to other Member States, as directives up to now have encouraged, but globally to corporations from any country that has liberalised its own procurement, disallowing any other barriers to global bidding (click here for more details).

NHA Party

There are 3 key principles that set the NHA Party apart from the mainstream parties and these founding values which will drive future policy-making:

Firstly, our clear and unambiguous position on the NHS (saving it; reinstating; de-commercialising it).

Secondly, we are calling for a new politics – promoting the idea of independent MPs and a parliament that is responsive to the people – not to party whips and the cynical calculations of career politicians.

Thirdly, in addition to the NHS, we stand as a public health party with a wider concern for a healthy society. Not just the pursuit of economic growth as the basis for all social policy.

If you are interested in helping the NHA Party campaign team in Eastleigh in the lead up to the by-election, please email volunteer.nha@gmail.com