Jeremy Hunt in charge of the NHS !!!!

Jeremy Hunt is the new man appointed by David Cameron to run the NHS. As Health Secretary, he replaces Andrew Lansley.

In 2005 he co -authored a book ‘Direct Democracy: An Agenda for a New Model Party’ advocating the de-nationalisation of the NHS and the use of a USA style insurance scheme. Click here to view extracts.

Never has an incoming Secretary of State made such overt statements about replacing the NHS with an insurance system. His obvious lack of belief in what the NHS stands for will be a huge worry to patients and staff. NHS campaigners, staff and patients are very eager to hear what Jeremy Hunt has to say about the NHS.

Please sign the 38 Degrees open letter to Jeremy Hunt letting him know we want a public health service.

The open letter text:

Dear Jeremy Hunt,

Our NHS is precious, and worth protecting.

We want Britain to always have a public health service we can all rely on.

As you begin your new job as Health Secretary, we want you to know that we’re watching you.

We’ll challenge you every step of the way if you try to do our NHS any further harm.

Add your name to the Open Letter