Lobby Against South West NHS Pay Cartel

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Please support a lobby of Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust against the South West NHS Pay Cartel on Thursday 6th September at 3.30pm during their AGM.

NHS Trusts across the South West have joined together and contributed an opening ante of £10,000 for a ‘war chest’ to attack national bargaining and introduce regional pay. The once ‘secret’ proposals make it clear that each Trust wants to reduce their pay bill from 68% to 60% which has the net effect of reducing individual earnings by up to 15%.

It is no coincidence that this is happening in the South West as general union membership density is low with many unorganised workplaces. If we allow this to happen in the South West it will happen everywhere else! We are posing great resistance towards the Cartel and it’s proposals which threaten to undermine the current national negotiations and we are looking to extend our campaign.

Please feel free to circulate this event to any other relevant groups who could lend their support to prevent the dismantling of the NHS and collective bargaining.

Sign this petition to say NO WAY to Postcode Pay!