Save the Portland Coastguard Helicopter

The Portland Coastguard Helicopter is due to be removed from service by the government.

Many of you helped by signing the 1st e-petition, but this has been closed without enough signatures to raise the debate in Parliament. If you signed the original e-petition, you will have received an Email like the one below, informing you of the second petition.

We need you now to

1.Sign the 2nd petition,which will run for 1 year.

2.Forward this Email to ALL of your friends, colleagues & relatives and encourage them to spread the word too.

3.Add a link to the petition to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN pages.

4.Follow the campaign on Twitter

This helicopter is vital to not only the local population, but also a huge section of the South of England and divers from across the UK who come to dive in our waters. Don’t forget, the helicopter also regularly transports people from accidents on land to hospital, not just at sea and are a vital resource in transferring sick patients between hospitals across long distances within the UK.

We need 100,000 signatures to raise this issue in parliament.

Please sign the 2nd petition by clicking

Please help to keep the Portland Coastguard Helicopter