Campaign Update

It is clear that as the government starts to roll out a further £10bn worth of public spending cuts over the next five years, one of our main tasks is to raise public awareness and explain that there is an alternative.
This means more time and energy will have to be given over to engaging with the public wherever we can.

We are currently getting together more materials for the BPACC stall and intend to start our public campaigning with a stall at the Poole Stadium Car Boot on Sunday 20 May at 9am. Please let us know if you can make it. We need about 4 people to sign up – and don’t worry if we have too many because we intend to make these events a regular feature throughout the summer.

BPACC are also planning to support a forthcoming national anti-cuts demo in London expected sometime between late June and early July. More details to follow.

BPACC needs supporters to renew their membership asap – £5 for individuals and £20 for organisations. Please make cheques payable to BPACC and send to UNITE 238 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth

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