BPACC Annual Report 2011

Over the last year, the BPACC experience has been one of perpetual motion, rather than perpetually just raising motions. We have taken to the streets and gone about “getting out there”, where the people actually are, in the High Street, shopping areas and car boot sales. We have protested at Town Halls, met and pressed the flesh of councillors and the one MP who didn’t run off. We have and will continue to facilitate networks across our community and offer a lead by employing the demonstration effect, inspiring confidence.

In a year with a fair spread of varying activity we have gained some fantastic supporters, affiliates and built capacity in the spirit of solidarity, which has no bias of ideology other than a clear message that we want to defend our community. Many hundreds of people receive our newsletters – so many get in touch with ideas of new campaigns. The stories we have heard and the people we have met and worked with already have been a great source of inspiration and strength. There is nothing ordinary about us and demonstrates we can achieve more together if we join in chorus to effect change.

Click here to download the full report

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