The Care Bill: The road to more private medical assessment injustice?
At a time when almost one million carers, older, disabled and sick people are not receiving the care and support they need, dont cut carethe Care Bill is currently meandering its way through the chambers of Westminster. Leading charities are warning that a change in how needs are assessed could strip 135,000 frail and vulnerable people in England of state-funded care on which they currently rely. And there are serious concerns about the use of private companies being contracted to assess the needs of people. Read more >>

Chancellor’s spending plans are toxic
Another Spending Review, yet more bad news for public services, the people who work in them and benefit claimants. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: ‘This is a toxic mix of bad economics, nasty politics and dishonest presentation. hms britain 100The last thing our struggling economy needs is further cuts to spending to try to close a deficit made worse by the Chancellor’s earlier cuts. When the medicine is not working and side effects are choking the patient you need a change in treatment not more of the same. Many services will be hard hit. Worst of all is a new attack on some of the most vulnerable in our society through the seven day wait and other conditions for social security payments. The Chancellor may think attacks on welfare go down well with voters, but these will lead to parents not having enough cash to feed their children. Read more >>

Bournemouth Council response to open email about Bedroom Tax
BPACC recently sent an open email to Bournemouth Borough Council about the Bedroom Tax following an article in the council’s Spring edition of Home News that stated some people were ‘protected’ and we asked for clarification. we oppose btWe also expressed our concerns that Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) were not a viable long term solution as they fail to give people with disabilities the assurance that their housing needs are secure and asked the council several questions. One of the the council’s responses was “No. Unfortunately, the article gave the impression that disabled people are not affected whereas, in fact, they are not exempt from the under-occupation rules.” Read more >>

Save Our Royal Mail
Not everything in life should be defined by its monetary value. Royal Mail is part of the sorm rszfabric of the nation but it is under threat of being ripped apart. Save Our Royal Mail are campaigning to persuade politicians that they must act now and guarantee that these vital services do not disappear. They have the support of groups and individuals representing the countryside, the blind and partially sighted, the elderly and small businesses. You can help them by getting involved. Read more >>

The boom in UK food banks
Demand for food banks in the UK is ‘booming’ with over 500,000 peopleUK-breadline-britain rsz forced to use them to stave off hunger and destitution. Half of those helped are children. The manager of Bournemouth Food Bank has blamed welfare reform and changes to Job Seekers Allowance for a rising need for food handouts (video and audio). Read more >>

NHS 65th Birthday Celebration – Poole Hospital
Campaigners and supporters of the NHS took part in a celebration of its 65th Birthday outside Poole Hospital. They were joined by patients, nhs65thanked by staff and received hundreds of ‘Honks’ from passing traffic in response to a sign reading ‘ Honk to Save the NHS’. The celebration was called by Bournemouth and Poole Anti – Cuts Coalition in order to take some time out to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our NHS over the last 65 years and to highlight the threat the Tory led Coalition is to the wonderful service continuing. Also includes 65 fascinating facts about our glorious health service Read more >>

DPAC Report into abuse of statistics by the DWP and UK Govt Ministers
To coincide with the release of the DWP’s Annual Report, DPAC have released a dpac x100report which outlines 35 cases where Ministerial claims using statistics on the subject of Work and Benefits have fallen short of the standards expected of Government Ministers. DPAC believe that this demonstrates a consistent pattern of abuse of official statistics by Ministers of the present Government to paint a false picture of benefit claimants in the UK in support of policies which are aimed at cost cutting to the detriment of jobless, sick and disabled people. Read more >>

The People’s Assembly 2013
A local activist gives a personal account of the People’s Assembly on a day when over 4000 people were united against austerity and discussed ideas tpa1 black x125to involve more people in our fight against planned poverty, oops sorry, austerity. “I know I can’t sit and watch and do nothing, to me it’s morally wrong and I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing how much people are suffering everywhere. The time for doing nothing is over, it’s time for action!” Read more >>

Child Poverty Action Group Monthly News and Views – June 2013
CPAG’s monthly round up of news and views. Including the latest child poverty statistics that show 300,000 end child-poverty keep promisemore children are living in absolute poverty; a report that estimates the cost of child poverty to the UK is currently £29 billion a year; a new poll showing more than 8 out of 10 people believe that tackling poverty should be a priority for government; and details of upcoming training events and conferences. Read more >>

How To Deal With Benefits Medical Examinations
This article describes how claimants for disability benefits can deal with the medical examinations by medical professionals, which for many claimants are central in deciding dr nick atoswhether or not you are entitled to disability benefits. If you have a Medical Services examination, either at the MS office or at your home, always have someone accompany you. This is your right. They cannot refuse you this right – if they try then just insist you need someone with you. Read more >>


Events / Campaigns
19th- 21st July – Tolpuddle Festival and Rally
Known for its friendly atmosphere, the event will play host to a mixture of great music for all tastes, political debate and speakers, a tin village kids’ area packed with fun, poetry, drama, a wide choice of food and drink and most of all the chance to meet old friends and make new ones. Read more >>

Sign the petition to save the Royal Mail
Right now, the government is scouring the world for anyone who is willing to buy it — foreign postal services, hedge funds, or City speculators. There is not much time to persuade Michael Fallon, the minister in charge, that the government has got this wrong.
“Department of Business: Don’t sell off the Royal Mail.” Sign petition >>

WOW PetitionWar on Welfare
“We call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform, and a New Deal for sick & disabled people based on their needs, abilities and ambitions” Sign petition >>

People’s Petition Against AusterityCoalition of Resistance
“The failed policies of the politicians and the bankers caused the financial crisis. Spending cuts are driving us into poverty. An economic alternative is essential to protect ordinary people, and to save the NHS and welfare state. The government should:
Stop cuts and halt privatisation;
Tax the millionaires and big business;
Drop the debt, and put the banks under democratic control;
Invest in jobs, homes, public services and the environment.” Sign petition >>